Backed by Hard Science: How to Burn an Extra 947 Calories a Day with Just One High-Intensity, Kettlebell-Centric Workout

Give Me 9 Minutes, and I’ll Give You the Body of Your Dreams!

Dear friend,

If you’re tired of spending countless hours in the gym, wasting your time on exercise programs and workout routines that promise results but deliver none, and are seeking a more streamlined, time-efficient, high-intensity workout, designed specifically for blasting fat, boosting muscle, and bolstering raw, unapologetic strength, then this might very well be the most exciting and important message you ever read!

And yes, this is a sales pitch. I’m not trying to hide anything here…

I just have something that I think you will find tremendously valuable and useful in helping you to acquire a leaner, harder physique, safely and efficiently.

Here’s How I Keep Less than 8% Bodyfat Year Round
…And How You Can Too:

It has been proven, time and time again, within scientific circles, that short bouts of high-intensity exercise, particularly high intensity interval training, is profoundly more effective for hacking off body fat and putting in its place lean, hard muscle tissue, than steady state aerobics ever were.

And to be perfectly frank, if you’re still chugging away on a treadmill, day in and day out, you’re wasting your time. There’s a better, quicker way to rid yourself of stubborn body fat, and it doesn’t involve spending countless hours in the gym on the proverbial hamster wheel.

This method to which I am referring, which is itself manifest in The 9-Minute Workout, is known as metabolic conditioning (this, by the way, is my “secret” to keeping less than 8% body fat year round).

The formula for metabolic conditioning is quite simple:

Elevated cardiovascular stress + moderate to heavy strength efforts = metabolic conditioning.

Kettlebell complex training, perhaps the most effective form of metabolic conditioning (and also the root of The 9-Minute Workout), relies on a series of big, compound movements, performed back to back, to tax multiple muscle groups and energy systems simultaneously.

The result?

An immense oxygen deficit is assumed and an enormous caloric “after burn” ensues.

What I’m saying is that the magic of The 9-Minute Workout is not so much what occurs during those nine minute, but more so what happens afterwards that marks this workout a far more effective and efficient form of exercise.

Here’s what I mean:

The 9-Minute Workout works to boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours! This means you continue to burn an enormous amount of calories long after you’re done working out (sometimes up to 1000 extra calories a day), even while you’re sitting on the couch or working in front of the computer, all because of the physiological stresses endured from The 9-Minute Workout.

And let me be clear; low to moderate intensity forms of exercise do not affect the same result. Only short bouts of super high intensity can produce such a profound effect.

And what makes The 9-Minute Workout is that it’s specifically designed to maximize caloric after burn, boost natural growth hormone levels, and hack off stubborn body fat with the LEAST amount of exercise needed to get the job done. That last part, my friends, is key.

Because, why do more if you don’t have to? Instead, learn to squeeze a lot from a little, and get the most out of doing the least.

And be careful, because much high-intensity exercise is actually quite harmful, and, more often than not, inhibits recovery, which reduces overall progress. The secret to a good workout, then, is not to do the most you possibly can—that’s a fool’s errand—but to instead find the least amount needed to get the job done, do precisely that, and not a smidgen more.

Now with that in mind, let me say this:

The 9-Minute Workout is really and truly the manifesto of fitness minimalism. The 9-Minute Workout really and truly the world’s most efficient and effective metabolic conditioning workout. It can’t be beat—won’t be beat!

And I want to invite you to try it out, and to start getting the results you deserve, all without wasting countless hours in the gym, or flushing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down the toilet on worthless equipment and harmful dietary supplements.

So check it out, here’s what I got for you…

The 9-Minute Workout

I want you to have The 9-Minute Workout and the program contained within this eBook.
Because in this eBook, you will find:


    • The 9-Minute Workout. A meticulously devised metabolic conditioning workout (requiring only one kettlebell) designed specifically for maximizing caloric after burn, boosting lean muscle mass, and forging iron-lung capacity.Discover how to forge a physique that’s sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, turn heads on the beach, and score you free movie tickets!
    • Step by Step instructions (and video demonstrations) on how to safely and correctly perform the 10 “Vital Few Exercises for Maximum Impact” contained within The 9-Minute Workout. Each of these exercises have been hand selected, by me, due to their incredibly high degree of neuromuscular activation and effectiveness for all at once promoting strength, stability, and flexibility.Bad form is dangerous and inefficiency. I’m going to make good form easy for you, so that you stay safe, limber, and get the absolute most out of your movements.Just how great can these movements be, you ask? Well, see for yourself, and take for example, the Kettlebell Swing Burpee. This movement works damn near every muscle in your body, while providing a greater challenge than the conventional burpee and at a much lower impact!
    • The Philosophy of Fitness Minimalism. Learn why any exercise program will improve in direct proportion to the number of things you leave out of it that shoulnd’t be there. And learn why, in the realm of intense exercise, less equals more. Hence my logo ( – = + ).I have been preaching the gospel of fitness minimalism for years. Not because I’m lazy, but because I know and believe that fitness minimalism, or doing the LEAST you have to do to get the job done, is the only true path to efficiency and getting the results you deserve.
    • The ONE THING You Need to Do IMMEDIATELY After The 9-Minute Workout to Maximize Fat Loss. This one “sneaky little trick” can make a world of difference in your progress. it’s the single best thing you can do after a bout of high intensity exercise to ensure the continuous and maximum oxidation of fatty acids. It also helps to prevent re-esterfication, which is the process by which fatty acids move back into fat cells after high intensity exercise. Funny thing though, is almost nobody does it!
    • How to Eat for Six Pack Abs (9 Stupidly-Simple Guidelines). A diet should contain no unnecessary meals, a meal no unnecessary foods. In The 9-Minute Workout eBook, I lay it out exactly  WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat in order to promote recovery, trigger muscle growth, and reduce body fat. I promise, no dietary fads or gimmicks here. I promote only what works–what’s been proven to work–and only what produces predictable and repeatable results.


WARNING: 2 Things You Need to Know
Before Ordering The 9-Minute Workout

    • This is NOT a “Fast and Easy” Way to Get Fit. Look, nothing in life that’s worthwhile is ever fast and easy. In fact, the only thing ever for me that’s been “fast and easy” was getting my girlfriend, and that took, like thirty seconds. Not trying to brag, just saying I’m efficient with my time and all. And that’s what The 9-Minute Workout is all about: efficiency (doing things right) and effectiveness (doing the right things). It’s hard work, very hard, in fact.Actually, the first time I ever did The 9-Minute Workout, I’m pretty sure I met God. But that’s also because I did it outside in 100 degree heat, 100 percent humidity, in a fasted state, and on the hot pavement.  I don’t wholeheartedly recommend that exact approach. My point being this:The 9-Minute Workout is not for the weak of heart or fragile by nature. This workout will challenge you, and it will continue to challenge you for as long as you do it. It never gets easier, I’m sorry to say. And if by chance it does, than that simply means you’re going too light!But there is no such thing as success without stress. What makes The 9-Minute Workout unique is that it’s designed to provide just the right amount of stress needed to trigger rapid body transformation.But again, it’s not easy. So if you’re looking for an easy, laid-back kind of workout which allows you to chit-chat with your friends, then look elsewhere. Because the only person you’re going to be talking too during The 9-Minute Workout is yourself, and it’s all going to be in your head, and the dialogue will be you praying for the sweet release that only nine minutes and one second, or death, can bring.
    • You Will Need a Kettlebell, and Here’s Why: Whatever the job, you should always use the most effective tool to get it done. Could I have made The 9-Minute Workout bodyweight exercises only? Yes, definitely.But why dig a hole with a spoon when you can use a shovel? The kettlebell is hands down the best tool for complex training and lends itself marvelously to metabolic conditioning, as its compact design allows one to transition seamlessly between exercises, so that movements can be performed back to back with little to no rest in between, inducing maximum metabolic hardship.You only need one kettlebell, and really, they’re not that expensive and will last forever, so it’s well worth the investment. For guys, I recommend anything between a 16kg (beginner) and 24kg (advanced) kettlebell.For the ladies, I recommend anything between an 8kg (beginner) and a 16kg (advanced) kettlebell.

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    • Swing(!): My Kettlebell Swing Training eBook ($25 Value)

      The kettlebell swing is my all-time favorite exercise (and yep, it’s in The 9-Minute Workout alright), and I want to teach it to you.
      This eBook breaks down the swing into it’s most fundamental and easy to understand components.In short, it teaches you how to swing without wrecking your back, and how to get the absolute most of out each and every rep. I provide specific progressions, regressions, cues, and correctives to help you master proper kettlebell swing technique safely and quickly.I also throw in a few of my favorite short and intense metabolic swing workouts for good measure.;)
    • Racked and Loaded: 101 Kettlebell Complexes to Blast Fat and Boost Muscle ($25 Value)

      The 9-Minute Workout is a form of kettlebell complex training, which I’ve said before is arguably the best form of metabolic conditoniing around. And, if I may be immodest, I’ll say The 9-Minute Workout is the best kettlebell complex I’ve ever constructedBut it’s FAR from the only kettlebell complex I’ve ever constructed. Racked and Loaded is a storehouse of my most malicious, fat-scorching, muscle-building kettlebell complexes. And I say malicious becuase they are malicious!This eBook is brimming with super-time efficient, and super-high intensity kettlebell complexes. Be warned: these complexes are at times downright brutal, but nothing, and I mean nothing else compares to their effectiveness for rapidly changing body composition and augmenting muscular and cardiovascular output.The 101 complexes alone in this eBook alone are far worth the price of admission, I assure you!
    • One Issue of My Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle Newsletter ($20 Value)
      Each month I write a private newsletter to my Inner Circle subscribers which contains any and all information that I think they might find valuable, such as: strength training programs, nutritional protocols, supplement useage/recommendations, rants, raves, reviews, minimalist philosophy, and so on and so forth.And for trying out The 9-Minute Workout, I want to give you an issue for free. I know you’ll get a lot of out of it. And if you do, maybe you’ll even consider joining the Inner Circle, who knows, that’s totally up to you.But either way, I’m going to give you one of my favorite issues, which contains 4, full fledged strength and conditioning programs to follow, with accompanying nutritional protocols. You can’t beat it, really.

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 “If You’re Looking for Efficiency and Effectiveness…The 9-Minute Workout is Killer!”
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“Very Efficient, Will Kick Your Butt…And Pat’s Going to Hell”
– John Bair, Kettlebell Instructor and Owner of Bair Knuckle Fitness

“It Kicks Your ‘You-Know-What’ and Does It In a Very Short Amount of Time”
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“I Would Recommend This to Anyone…Very Time Efficient and Hits the Full Spectrum” 
-Dan Williams, Fitness Expert and Owner of DWillPerformance

“Awesome Workout…I Suggest You Give It A Try”
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I always back all of my work up with a 100%, no questions-asked money back guarantee. Try The 9-Minute Workout for up to 60 days, follow the advice in this eBook, and if you aren’t wholly satisfied with the results, just let me know, and I’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked, and no hard feelings. That is my personal promise to you.
Just $34.95, One Time Payment